Welcome to the Department of Radiology at Seoul National University Hospital.

Jin Mo Goo Proessor and Chairman

Jin Mo GooProfessor and Chairman

As of 2022, the Department of Radiology has a total of 153 top-notch healthcare professionals working across SNUH’s main hospital, Bundang branch, Boramae branch, and Gangnam Center: 70 at the main hospital, 46 at the Bundang branch, 22 at the Boramae branch, and 15 at the Gangnam Center. Dedicated personnel including doctors, radiographers, and nurses have joined forces to provide quality care to our patients. We have high-performance imaging equipment including digital x-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI, and angiography machines as well as a combined PET/MRI system that allows us to obtain PET and MRI scans simultaneously, which improves diagnostic accuracy and reduces radiation exposure. Moreover, we have elite experts performing advanced procedures that require image guidance such as vascular and non-vascular interventional procedures, radiofrequency and microwave ablation, HIFU, and MRgFUS to treat tumors and various complications.

Our department has emerged as one of the world’s leading research hubs in radiology since 2000 and is continuously growing (1,093 papers have been published from 2017-2021). We do not only provide the latest clinical research on the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, but we are also actively conducting preclinical, translational, imaging and AI technique research as well as clinical trials to develop, utilize, and validate new radiologic technologies.

Furthermore, we offer a variety of educational programs for students, residents, and both local and overseas radiology specialists. In addition to attending lectures and participating in clinical practice, medical students have the opportunity to learn how to use advanced imaging technology, practice interventional procedures, and research under the guidance of our faculty members. We also have well-organized residency and fellowship programs, which provide an in-depth knowledge of radiology and encourage trainees to conduct supervised clinical and preclinical research. Every year, we educate and support a number of residents, fellows, and local and overseas radiologists from other institutions, and also regularly open training programs for residents, private practitioners, and other radiology experts.

We hope that our newly designed website will give you a good glimpse into our department’s highly distinguished treatment, research, and educational programs